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Disinfectant Tunnels - What Your Cleaning Company Needs to Know

During the desperate hours of fighting with the situation of COVID-19, the disinfection booth is something that is going to keep us a little safe from the pandemic. Different versions of the disinfectant tunnels are being introduced across the country. Let us understand what these sanitization tunnels are and the benefits that they offer.

What is a Disinfection Tunnel?

The sanitization tunnels are being set up in places such as police stations, markets, malls, airports, railway station, or any other area which receives the gathering people. The disinfection tunnels are being used as a pathway before you enter any crowded place. Before the hit of pandemic situation you just had to go through the security check process, now you will have to face the sanitization procedure too.

When you enter through an infection tunnel, not only will you be sanitized but also the essential items that you might be carrying along with you will be free of germs. There are several sanitizing booth manufacturers who have been successfully serving the country with these safety guards to fight against the pandemic situation. Various versions of these tunnels have already been manufactured and running at different locations throughout the country.

What is the use of the Disinfection Tunnel?

The sanitizing booth manufacturers in India have created the disinfection tunnels with such technology that they spray out atomized sodium hypochlorite solution, which is often used as a bleaching agent or a disinfectant. When you pass through these tunnels, these atomized chlorine solutions are released to sanitize your entirely and make you free of germs before you enter any public place.

This is one of the significant innovations that are going to help us not only fight against COVID-19 pandemic but also against any future viral infestation. The best part about these sanitization tunnels is the disinfectant solutions that are being released out won’t be affecting the humans but would be lethal enough to get rid of the viruses or any other disease-causing germs. However, one thing that the WHO warns is these tunnels should be used as a means of supplement and shouldn’t replace the measures of washing hands, wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, and proper hygiene.

Benefits of the Sanitizing Tunnels:

  • There is no transmission of contamination from one person to the other through the disinfection booth because it only allows one person at a time to enter into the booth.
  • The mobility that the disinfection booths offer is one of the most significant advantages as you can move the booth from one location to another for multiple uses.
  • You will be well prepared not only to fight against the adversities of COVID-19 but also for any of the future diseases.

Bottom Line:

These disinfection tunnels can be very helpful for cleaning companies in various ways. For instance, if you are out to provide sanitization services to a company or a particular area, first and foremost you and your staff need to be free of the germs only then you will be able to provide efficient services. Therefore, by deploying this portable disinfection booth, you are bringing about a revolution into your job spectrum.